My projects for 2014

Happy New Year everyone. I know I´m a little late but I needed some time to put all my plans for the new year together. Oh my gosh, I ´am so excited about the new year and I have never been so clear about what I wanna do this year. I have sooo many plans. The last year was mainly for getting used to be a mum, concentrating 100% on the little one and extending our home. We started to bring more animals to our farm and in my spare time I was crafting and creating. I also did a great project, its called ” from november to november”. It was a photo project – everyday I took  one picture of our little girl to capture all the beautiful moments, her first crawling, her first standing up, first mash….

Unfortunately  I did not manage to get 365 pictures but I took lots, almost 300.

So this year just started and there is no time to waste. Lets start all these beautiful projects we have. I have put them all together below- to remind me  and to stay focused on them.

Tatata and here they are, my plans for 2014, I hope everything comes true.

No.1: I want to bring a lot more animals to our little farm. We already have ducks, sheep, cats, chickens and a cow called Gunther. This year we wanna add  two ponies, one donkey, 50 geese and some more ducks. We plan to get our own little chicks again and hope Gunther gets one more little cow friend. The farm also needs a lot of maintenance work. We need to build new fences, a new wood wall for the courtyard and lots lots more.

No2: I´ve worked all 2013 on a handmade toy collection. Since coco was born in august 2012 I really love making handmade toys for her out of the best material you can get. I´ve made a sheep mobile, felt fox toys, some needle felted finger puppets, a linen rabbit and my favorite toys are the bears. I really wanna stay focused on them. They are made out of German SCHULTE Mohair ( the famous Steiff toys are made of Schulte Mohair), Mohair is the natural hair of the Angora goat and for the bears little clothes I use woolfelt ( 100% sheep wool). Every little bear and its belongings are handmade. I gave quite a lot of my handmade toys away as presents to close friends. Cocis cousins Faith and Cameron got a bear and a fox, her greatcousin Lou got a bear and I gave one to the “Kinderhospitz Marienberg” to make a little one happy. In 2014 I wanna make a whole range of teddybears. The One you see above is called Ana, and she is from London, you could have guessed this, due to her iconic Burberry coat.

No3:The Farm Cafe-oh yes, this has been a dream  of ours for a long time. Sometime in the future we want to do a farm cafe. A nice little cafe or restaurant were you can eat fresh and enjoy nice local food and drinks. We have talked about this quite a lot and in 2014 we wanna make more concrete plans.

No4: Crafting, Crafting, Crafting. I love crafting and wanna spend more time in 2014 crafting with coco and get my husband James involved too. He is a great painter and I would love him to teach coco his skills. Im absolutely rubbish at drawing. I also want to start designing again. I did a three year apprenticeship as a media designer but then started flying. I would love to design things again. One funny thing. I designed in 2003 a bakery bag, where you get you bread and cake in and the thing is- you still get my designed bag in a lot of bakeries in germany. After 11 years they still like the design. Thats great. I will do a blogpost about my famous bakery bag a bit later.

No5: Sewing. I  wanna start a sewing class now! I wanted to this about 6 month ago but i pushed it off again and again. I really enjoy sweing but I need more skills. I bought last autumn a sewing machine and now its time to learn how to use it properly. So I wanna give the lady who is teaching a call tomorrow and get started.

No6: A Children’s Lifestyle Blog- I found myself blogging a lot and reading a lot of blogs. And since I became a mum, I have learnt lots, lots about myself, lots about babies and children. Lots about health and healthy living. I wanna share all this with you. Everything I have experienced, like how important an osteopath is for your baby, or how important it is to choose the right baby doctor for your child, that homeopathy can help lots and how antibiotics is not always needed. I also wanna share my photography on this blog and share all my crafting ideas with you and show how to do it. This is very exciting to plan and  hope i can get everything together and launch the blog in march.

Tina x


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