The Fastest – Moto GP 2013 Germany, Sachsenring

Valentino Rossi-the best motocycle rider in the world. He is a hero, a legend, he is THE FASTEST!

IMG_6786IMG_6784IMG_6874IMG_6792IMG_6841 IMG_6863 IMG_6881IMG_6817IMG_6888IMG_6878IMG_6802IMG_6867IMG_6886IMG_6800IMG_6811IMG_6799IMG_6808IMG_6805IMG_6806IMG_6804IMG_6823IMG_6829IMG_6882IMG_6858IMG_6789IMG_6885IMG_6779IMG_6879IMG_6869IMG_6844IMG_6847IMG_6852IMG_6860IMG_6864IMG_6876IMG_6866IMG_6821IMG_6812IMG_6855IMG_6854


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